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What is Presentersoft MediaEasy?

Presentersoft MediaEasy is a presentation software product for both business users and educators, which allows them to create and present customized,rich media presentations that are synchronized with PowerPoint slides. Presentersoft MediaEasy is designed to help users communicate easily and effectively, and deliver a host of business benefits. With Presentersoft MediaEasy , Knowledge owners can easily create training presentations using tools they are already familiar with-PowerPoint. The presentations can be delivered on-demand to a large audience online, via CD or downloaded to a PC. By On-demand delivery of a meeting archive, employees don't need to worry about missing a meeting.

Who uses Presentersoft MediaEasy?
  • Business owners, managers
  • Sales people
  • Marketers
  • Trainers
  • Educators
  • Personal users
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Easy-to-Use,No Experience Necessary!

Presentersoft MediaEasy is remarkably simple to use ,even if you have no experience.Everything that you need to do is easily and quickly accomplished through an intuitive user friendly interface. It utilizes a natural workflow that is tab based and requires absolutely no hand coding. Professional multimedia presentations have never been this fast and easy.
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Support both Windows Media and Real Media

PresenterSoft MediaEasy support both Real and Windows Media format,you can import files with file name extensions of rm, ra, asf, wmv, wma ,mp3 , avi, wav, swf,ppt,mpg and mpeg. PresenterSoft MediaEasy is compatible with powerpoint 2000 ,XP and 2003.

Compatible with PowerPoint 2000,2002,2003,2007

Automatically converts standard PowerPoint slides to HTML,jpegs or gifs,support powerpoint 2002/2003/2007 animations.

Preview before publication

Preview feature lets you view or proof before you publish, you can preview your project as it will appear as a published presentation. Viewing your project through the Preview Presentation tab lets you see any video and audio, slides, HTML files, images,flash, or any other content that you have added to the timeline of you current project. In addition, you can also see the table of contents for your presentation. You can click individual entries to preview the corresponding part of your presentation.

Professional Templates,Royalty-Free!!!

Presentersoft MediaEasy Providing a variety of presentation templates and the choice to create customizable templates

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