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What is PowerVideoMaker Professional?

PowerVideoMaker Professional is a perfect solution for converting Powerpoint to video.It preserves animations, graphics, transitions, audios and narrations from the original PowerPoint Presentations.  With PowerVideoMaker, you can use PowerPoint as a video-production tool. In a few steps, you can distribute your PPT presentations to anyone, whether they even have a computer or not. 

PowerVideoMaker professional has finally solved a big problem for those of us who make a living with our presentations: putting a PowerPoint on DVD. Whether I've presented before a 600-person international marketing forum in New York City or a 150-person industry conference in Chicago, I find my clients -- and their audiences -- don't just want a static copy of my slides afterward. They want to hear my voice and see the presentation build just as it did when I stood before them. In the past I would embed the audio and email an enormous PowerPoint deck that would be incompatible with most users' PCs: not a recipe for success. Now I can simply convert the presentation -- with timings and animations -- into a video file that I can email, stream on the Web, or best of all, burn to DVD in crystal clear resolution. PowerVideoMaker enhances my toolkit. Thanks, PresenterSoft.

Professor James McQuivey
Strategy consultant and former vice president, Forrester Research 

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Key features:
Convert existing PowerPoint presentations to smooth video of  the highest quality

With PowerVideoMaker Professional , you can convert PowerPoint to videos of crystal clear resolution in AVI , MPEG or WMV format. 

Easy-to-Use,No Experience Necessary!

PowerVieoMaker Professional is remarkably simple to use ,even if you have no experience.Everything that you need to do is easily and quickly accomplished through an intuitive user friendly interface.
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Preserve all of the original PowerPoint file

Preserves animations, graphics, transitions, audios and narrations from the original PowerPoint Presentations

Supports multiple audio tracks on the same slide.

PowerVideoMaker preserves multiple audio tracks which are playing simultaneously on the same slide.

Supports audio files that play across multiple slides or animation effects

Audio files that play across multiple slides or animation effects can also be preserved.

Supports sound effects of  animations and transitions

PowerVideoMaker keeps sound effects of  animations and transitions in the video.

Supports Three Timing modes

Currently, PowerVideoMaker supports "Automatic Timing", "Rehearse Timing Now" and "Use existing Timings".

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